No Others Need Apply by Evelise Archer Review


Sorry for the long wait, but working takes a lot out of you.  🙂 

This is my review from  I had my first review all worked out and then I went to add this to my blog and lost it off the tab I had on Goodreads when I went to add the picture to the post.  *sigh*  Sometimes technology makes me want to smack it.  Or, at least, bludgeon into submission.  That will teach me to write it offline first; or, at least, in a program that autosaves…and now for the review:

“Note: I am a beta reader for the author.  I also received a copy from the author so I could review the final version.

I give it a full 5 Stars because I loved reading this story.  Would I like it to be longer? Of course I do. But, then again, I’m a series kind of gal and love story arcs that continue across multiple books.  That doesn’t mean I don’t like self-contained gems like this one.  Yes, there is not a lot of sex.  Yes, it is short.  But these things, in their brevity, make it a beautiful little story.

This is the story of Shelton Richards and Jonathon Valient; who meet from an online blog, fall in love, and find their home with each other.  It’s short, sweet, and full of love with not a lot of sex.  The point of this story is learning their journey to falling in love with a someone who enjoys the same things you do, in this instance, primarily books.  Who wouldn’t love that?  I would recommend anyone who wants a short read (less than 25 pages), male characters who are into each other, and love ‘happy ever after’ stories.   I say for a debut book here on Goodreads, it is a good start and I would enjoy reading more from the author.”

More reviews, books, and, of course, poeatry as soon as I can.  I have several beta/editing books and short stories to do, a couple more reviews, and my brain wrapped around writing poetry again.  The work situation is getting better with hope on the horizon.  I might mark it with a new poem…stay tuned! ~Kim


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