January 11, 2014 A Life-changing event

Talk about a long hiatus between posts. 🙂 And with not so wonderful news either.

Some may or may not know, but my family suffered a fire in our home last Saturday night.  We are all ok and everyone got out safely, including the pets.  It’s a three-story house and the top floor, where the kids rooms are, are basically a shell.  They basically lost everything.  It is not a total loss but there is a lot of fire, water, ash and smoke damage through-out the rest of the house.  We are insured and that process has started with several adjusters evaluating and sending people over to start the cleanup and repairs. As you all most likely realize this is going to be a long process.

We have our immediate needs met, but there are fun things that we would like the children to have. They are in a small place with lots of people and no computers. So for Galen (8 year old boy) Lego sets would be good. Piper (14 year old girl) crochet needles and yarn. And for Rheanna (16 year old girl) drawing paper, pencils, colored pencils, and erasers. Or anything else that you think would be good distraction for any kid, or family distraction is good too, i.e. board games.

Food is always a welcome things. Since we are staying with family, there are a lot of us in a little itty bitty tiny living space. It’s almost like a lamp. 🙂  So, grocery store gift cards and food donations would be appreciated.

If anyone would like to make a monetary donation, or are outside of the Atlanta area, there is an account set up at Wells Fargo for the family. All you need to do is go to a Wells Fargo branch and the donation can go into the “Christa Segers Serendipity Fire Recovery Fund”.

Thank you for the help we have already received.  We appreciate everyone that have donated so far, especially people we don’t know.  Thank you. Thank you.

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