More #Musings on Windows 10

So. I took the plunge and upgraded my main computer to Windows 10 from Windows 7 the morning of 7/29/2015 – release day.

I’ve done RCs (release candidates for the non-techy), Beta candidates, and previews for a variety of OS and applications. I think this is the first time, ever, in the history of working with Windows (from the beginning folks, I worked in DOS before Windows was it’s own thing) that I had a great experience AND weird issues at the same time…

I post on Facebook about this so some of this repetitive.

I signed up for the upgrade a month or so ago when my HP Z600 Workstation gave me the opportunity. Then the windows icon stayed in the systray for awhile, until the 29th.

Upgraded and things went pretty smoothly. The the problems started.

First, the screen kept flickering like windows was restarting…every 30 secs.

Went to the forums and found the solution: iCloud auto startup. Disabled that and Cortava because it was the one restarting.

Then Quicken wouldn’t launch and a few other programs. It looks like permissions to my Documents folder where everything is housed. Huh? So, one of the errors said it was read only and it looked like some of it was set so I corrected that. Several times. But the programs keep having a problem. Rebuilt my data from Quicken in my Windows drive. Not ideal but doable. Working on rebuilding the other data but it’s not looking good. Sigh. Back to the forums…

One response to “More #Musings on Windows 10”

  1. And to continue 3 days later…

    It appears that there is something wrong with the security settings of the machine because there are lots of spidering problems stemming from the permissions issues. Adobe Digital Editions now will not directly open library ebooks. There are others and the list is growing, including Quicken 2015. Sigh.


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