Saga of #Windows10 quirks part three #musings


I got frustrated enough that I reset my Windows 10 machine. Took three tries but finally got there. It still hasn’t worked properly since the upgrade. Got a few programs reinstalled and it went back to the really slow boot and permissions issues.

I’ve managed to figure out my permissions issues. Make sure your Administrator account is enabled. It’s disabled by default. Those programs that required installation with administrator access actually use the administrator account. Go figure why it was disabled in Windows 10.

Below is what my computer is doing right now. This is what I call the “beach ball of frustration”. You know, the icon the rolls around in a circle while you wait for some process to finish. Yep. It’s back. In spades.



To say that I’m still frustrated is an understatement. When it works, it’s great. Then Windows update comes along and I’m back to square one. While I told it to schedule when to reboot, it still frustrates me that it will auto-reboot my machine. Very unhappy with that.

So, I’ve asked a friend when he gets time to come up and take a look at it. I’ve been out of the loop on hardware/software/OS support long enough that I’m not up-to-speed on the new technology. And my HP Z600 Workstation is close enough to a server that I’m REALLY not up on hardware knowledge.

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