#escapril Day 14: taxidermy @letsescapril #escapril2022 #poetry

taxidermy / Photo by NEOSiAM 2021 on Pexels.com

I’m going to preface this particular poem with a caveat: I’m not a fan of taxidermy in general because I discovered young that hunting is not my thing even though I learned how to shoot a 22 pistol. I did one lesson. I did really good at it, but I was done after that lesson. I know that there are other uses for it besides trophies, but I just can’t.

the moose is moving
it's head
it's talking like a human:
I'm dead

how is it speaking
when it's stuffed?
how can it be talking
when it's missing a body

driven by

timing is everything
and nothing at all
when a moose speaks
from a wall.

©Kim Whaley
Instagram: @k.whaley
Photo by Kate Trush on Pexels.com

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