#escapril Day 16: fire @letsescapril #escapril2022 #poetry

fire / Photo by moein moradi on Pexels.com
fire, fire, burning bright
smoke-filled halls,
light up the night
top down, the water falls
putting out the spark
that started it all.

franticly called, fireman rush
almost too late
water fans like a brush
sets out like bait
stemming the fuel:
hurry up and wait.

shivering cold
outside in the yard.
helpful hands bold,
all of us scarred
temporary home found
power meter barred

broken ceiling
smoke permeates everywhere
now the state of being
is as frigid as anything there.
picking through the rubble blue
everything as it was and bare.

silence, silence, all around
life moves on
helpful friends, family abound
lifting with brawn
cleaning, sorting, and starting
a new song

©Kim Whaley
Instagram: @k.whaley
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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