Author: Kim Whaley

  • #escapril Day 30: it’s getting dark @letsescapril #escapril2022 #poetry

    Well, this is the last day for the #escapril2022 poetry challenge. I’m glad I was able to finish, even if there were a few days when I didn’t write/post on the day of. I did finish, which is an accomplishment in itself. It will certainly not be the last time I post poetry. It has […]

  • #escapril Day 29: inversion @letsescapril #escapril2022 #poetry

    Nouns are like people,Only around when you least expect.Invest in nonsense,So that chaos is made to order.Rejoice in differences,Even when you are not sure.Visualize the momentNo matter what comes next,Inversion can be visual within words too. ©Kim Whaley4/30/2022Instagram: @k.whaley

  • #escapril Day 28: only an illusion @letsescapril #escapril2022 #poetry

    Sorry about not posting on the day of the 28th. It’s been a long week. The 29th and 30th will be forthcoming later tonight or tomorrow. ~Kim staring down a staircase or is it the other way around? seeing differences at the same time optical illusions abound virtual reality is here to stay ground-breaking optics […]

  • #escapril Day 27: the astronaut @letsescapril #escapril2022 #poetry

    growing up, I wanted to be an astronaut: I looked up to see by high school eyes eliminated the chances of the dream due to circumstances. college-bound not knowing what I wanted a new dream growing astrophysics was where it was I enjoyed my first class I was abuzz the bachelors degree I obtained but […]

  • #escapril Day 26: night out @letsescapril #escapril2022 #poetry

    Standing at the mirror,Contemplating make-up now.Should I wear it forAn evening on the town?I put some earrings inAnd forgo the maskWhy be botheredWhen entertainment is all I ask?Ferris wheel, Tea cup rideMaybe a human cannonballFantastical displaysAlong the midway wallFunnel cakes, fried foodsMaybe prizes from skeet ball.Outside in the night air.Able to bring home a haul.It’s […]

  • #escapril Day 25: computer @letsescapril #escapril2022 #poetry

    keys black as night curved for easy typing mouse on the right but shaped to allow hand switching carpel tunnel is a thing especially when online for many hours of the day work, play, write entwine desktop computer, dual quad cores, in a tower that’s not portable unable to upgrade OS: on Windows 10 and […]

  • #escapril Day 24: crystal @letsescapril #escapril2022 #poetry

    Ordered chaos.Clear faceted prism.Flawless faces.Mineral in pressurePerhaps insteadclarity in thoughts.A response so definiteThe answer, clear.Crystals form in the earthWhen the right temperatureAnd pressure gathers to formA pretty bauble.”Am I clearin my answers?”You say. “Crystal,”I reply.©Kim Whaley4/24/2022Instagram: @k.whaley

  • #escapril Day 23: blink and you’ll miss it @letsescapril #escapril2022 #poetry

    Day 23 is a little late. Sorry about that. I blame children. -smile- Day 24 will be posted later today or tomorrow. I look up and seeA sunny day.A child playing,Nothing in their way.I listen around to friendsjumping and and playingSpend time when they’re little, While you can; just saying.For time it is just a […]

  • #escapril Day 22: intimacy @letsescapril #escapril2022 #poetry

    Most humans crave intimacy:Closeness with someone,Sharing together everyday thingsthat are fun.Some are not so fun:Betrayals and alone time,Worry and hospital staysPartner death from decline.Whether alone, with friendsor partners: Remember these moments because you’ll not see them againas time doesn’t freeze.©Kim Whaley4/22/2022Instagram: @k.whaley

  • #escapril Day 21: dew @letsescapril #escapril2022 #poetry

    Pretty bubblesResting on a petal.Cool morning making Leaves shine like metal.Sit beside me and watchHow the dew runs together To make it flowIn little rivers better. It brings a smileTo my faceThe chance encountersEach bubble makes.To provide enjoymentAnd a smileWatching the waterGather with style.©Kim Whaley4/21/2022Instagram: @k.whaley