Poetry: Winter


Snow covers the ground,
Crystalline facets
Glow in the light.

Stars twinkle above my eyes,
Glowing incandescently
Fading with the night.

Winter is here:
It’s grip firm and bold
Only to fade to Spring’s might.

A breath of cold air
And Spring awaits,
Waiting for the right.

Soothing forces continue
Through the air,
Leaving Winter without a fight.

Grant us this day
And all the time ahead,
As I look forward toward the sight.


Found it. 🙂



Poetry: Change

Chaos reigns.
Sudden change.
Show the Tower,
Against the power.
Now comes the rain.

Sunlight glows.
Hope grows.
Go with the flow.

Life change.
Emotions range.
Interesting start
And now I part,
And this is strange.

Future bright.
Day to night.
Night and day.
Emotions at bay.
Tunnel end light.