The return of the iPad

Greetings everyone. I’m back with an iPad (b-day present so I can talk to parents with facetime) to help with writing, games, editing, reviews, social media, and all those things that had to be put on the back burner while I find a full-time job. Well, I found one. 🙂

It is an interesting transition but I’m enjoying it. I plan to stalk (if you haven’t joined, you should as it is a one-stop shopping smorgasbord for your reading (and writing if you are so inclined) pleasure. Great way to get yourself advertised if you are self-publishing. Highly recommend it. If you need beta reading or editing, let me know. I read just about everything, including Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal, Steampunk, YA, and other genres I don’t normally read… Mostly fiction though, although, I can probably be talked into non-fiction depending upon the topic. You can contact me on my contacts page.

More poetry will be posted as soon as I get my act together. I have years of stuff to wade through and that doesn’t include the stuff I create. Might even write short stories and/or novels. Still working on that.

Thanks to those that encourage me and I’m going to try post more often. If nothing else, I hope you are entertained.


Musings of a frazzled Kim

Hello all.

Thanks for those who have decided to follow me.  I appreciate it.  I’m going to do a post to update everyone so people know what is going on.



I will be adding more as I have time.  Creativity this week as been low but I plan on working on something.  Most of the time it happens when the Muse hits.  I have a lot of poetry I wrote when I was younger so I’m posting them about once a week.  More as I have time.



I work full time and I have not had a lot of time to review everything I read.  I’m going to work on those that I really like (5 stars) since everyone should read them if I really like them.  Assuming you like the genre, of course.  🙂

I will be posting reviews here along with the appropriate places depending upon where I get them from.  Have eReader, will travel.  Stay tuned!



I have a few more beta reading for authors that I will post info about with their permission.  It’s going to be fun!



I read…a lot.  And sometimes they spark things for poems and even writing my own stories.  With some encouragement from a couple of authors, I have a start on a novel and a short story for an anthology.  Here’s hoping that I can continue.  We’ll see.  I might even post a free read if I can get enough creative juices rolling.


Thanks for listening to my meanderings and I’ll keep you posted.  If you know of people who like poetry and new books, point them here! 🙂



Hello world!

This blog was created to publish Poetry, Book reviews, and other book related topics.  I like to read and I like to write poetry.  What better way to that than to blog it!


With the suggestion from an author friend, I’ve decided to add editing of author works in novels and short stories and beta reading to this blog.  She apparently thinks I’m pretty good at it while I’m beta reading her novel.  So here goes nothing.

Will Kim launch herself to the editing genre? Keep reading and find out!