Tag: Personal Poetry

  • Poetry: Winter

    Winter Snow covers the ground, Crystalline facets Glow in the light. Stars twinkle above my eyes, Glowing incandescently Fading with the night. Winter is here: It’s grip firm and bold Only to fade to Spring’s might. A breath of cold air And Spring awaits, Waiting for the right. Soothing forces continue Through the air, Leaving […]

  • Poetry: Anger and Fear

    In the style of Petrarchan sonnet Anger and Fear Hello my friend, who speaks unwittingly, A telling, nervous look, a peaking glance To no one in particular. Happenstance, It seems that I must do it forcefully. I seek the writing facing me, not free To leave my friend: I am truly askance. For it must […]

  • I’m back! Mostly…again

    I seem to be doing this.  Just posted some more poetry from my archives. I’ll probably write more  later.  Maybe. It’s snowing here in Atlanta.  Well, it was snowing this morning.  It is supposed to clear up, get a little warmer, then the temps tumble while the rain/freezing rain returns tonight.  Tomorrow will be interesting. […]

  • Poetry: Darkness

    Windows down, driving along; The wind whips through my hair. Calm thoughts, happiness abounds; I drive looking at everything with my stare. I smile as I go home towards love As darkness slowly descends; Thoughts abound, plans form, And wonders alight in the end. 7/24/2013

  • Poetry: Rain

    Pounding patter Upon my head Instant drizzle Near my bed. Listen to the rain As it falls from the sky Drowning water And then it is goodbye Mother nature Shows it’s sadness But in the end There is gladness For the rain Brings beauty, love and peace Allows growth and nectar And sleep in ease […]

  • Poetry: Untitled Poem

    Green, green, it’s a lovely morning Everywhere I look I see brown and green The sky is cloudy and rainy here But you know that it is spring.

  • Poetry: Wonder

    O the days gone byBrightly lit in the sky.The wonder of a passing age. O wonder of the nightSinging gaily in spiteOf a time spent in haste. How I wish there was a placeThat I could take my faceAnd see my sadness flee.For here I standIn this world, as planned;And wonder what’s to be. Originally […]

  • Poetry: Time Travel

    Time has come and gone, gone to the skies, and the stars, And to the earth’s of the universe. With the sight it sees of playful tots, growing teens, And adults full of holiday mirth. It sees the things others do not. It hears the cries of painful tears. It knows and understands the trust, […]

  • Poetry: Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

    Tiger, Tiger burning bright Desolation stalks in the night. Pain, grief, loss, and frustration Keep watch this night of emotion. Why must they dodge me now? Why must it be this foul? I want peace to reign. But nothing will be the same. Storms are a rising. Some will leap past the blighting. Others we […]

  • Poetry: Soul Music

    The sun above my sightless eye Sings a tune of its own. A wayward running beam of light Is streaking through my soul. Music plays a thousand notes To find a final end. But, the music-sun lets you float To a never-ending friend. In myself, Soul Music sears A hot trail to my depths. Listen […]