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  • #escapril Day 22: intimacy @letsescapril #escapril2022 #poetry

    Most humans crave intimacy:Closeness with someone,Sharing together everyday thingsthat are fun.Some are not so fun:Betrayals and alone time,Worry and hospital staysPartner death from decline.Whether alone, with friendsor partners: Remember these moments because you’ll not see them againas time doesn’t freeze.©Kim Whaley4/22/2022Instagram: @k.whaley

  • #escapril Day 21: dew @letsescapril #escapril2022 #poetry

    Pretty bubblesResting on a petal.Cool morning making Leaves shine like metal.Sit beside me and watchHow the dew runs together To make it flowIn little rivers better. It brings a smileTo my faceThe chance encountersEach bubble makes.To provide enjoymentAnd a smileWatching the waterGather with style.©Kim Whaley4/21/2022Instagram: @k.whaley

  • #escapril Day 20: trying to be good @letsescapril #escapril2022 #poetry

    trying to be good: at work, with creative things with family among other strings trying to be good when you only allocate so many hours in the day: there is some amount of hurry up and wait trying to be good could also lead to the opposite bad and therefore seed you to embark on…

  • #escapril Day 19: vanity @letsescapril #escapril2022 #poetry

    looking at yourself in the vanity mirror sees you for who you are Is it vain to want to primp and pamper for a special occasion? society enhances peoples’ appearances lending towards this need for a mask: whether to enhance or cover, That is fairly subjective anyway. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the…

  • #escapril Day 18: act of creation @letsescapril #escapril2022 #poetry

    art is in the eye of the beholder so they say it’s also how it’s created let’s show the way writing stories, songs, plays, and poems whatever you fancy it’s drawing, pottery, landscapes, and portraits everywhere you can see it is also what you an taste cuisines, bartending, desserts hearing is included: composing songs, ballads,…

  • #escapril Day 17: garden @letsescapril #escapril2022 #poetry

    Spring is here, blossoms bloomLast frost has pastThe ground is ready for newPlanning has begunEaster dinnerTime for familyPlanting is the winnerA new seasonThe rains are nearWinter is goneThe garden is dearAnd ready for flightSeeds and shootNew life to growTo become foodAnd feed our family anew.©Kim Whaley4/17/2022Instagram: @k.whaley

  • #escapril Day 16: fire @letsescapril #escapril2022 #poetry

    fire, fire, burning bright smoke-filled halls, light up the night top down, the water falls putting out the spark that started it all. franticly called, fireman rush almost too late water fans like a brush sets out like bait stemming the fuel: hurry up and wait. shivering cold outside in the yard. helpful hands bold,…

  • #escapril Day 15: something very gentle @letsescapril #escapril2022 #poetry

    bursting-colored blooms fragrance envelops senses sweet gentle perfume delicate touch dispenses bud cut at length to display in vase gives it strength proudly center place while the stem and thorns warns away the procured the budding flower returns something very gently secured ©Kim Whaley 4/15/2022 Instagram: @k.whaley

  • #escapril Day 14: taxidermy @letsescapril #escapril2022 #poetry

    I’m going to preface this particular poem with a caveat: I’m not a fan of taxidermy in general because I discovered young that hunting is not my thing even though I learned how to shoot a 22 pistol. I did one lesson. I did really good at it, but I was done after that lesson.…

  • #escapril Day 13: palmful @letsescapril #escapril2022 #poetry

    I look down What do I see? Beauty is everywhere. I just want to be. I slowly reach Spring flowers awaken The daffodils, they are taken. I cup them in my hands. Admiring them greatly, I smile with a wide band They are just a palmful: Bright, just like spring, smelling wonderful In the south,…