I’m back…mostly..

Sorry for the long wait for those that follow.  I’ve gotten off my duff and post a past poem and maybe I’ll get inspired soon to write more: poetry, reviews, and maybe even stories.  🙂

It’s been a long couple of months looking for job.  I hope it happens soon.  In the meantime, I’m gong to post reviews and poetry as I run across things.  And maybe the occasional contest for my favorite genre: Romance! (Thanks AF for that lovely contest, it got me going an realizing I can just re-blog things I like. Hadn’t done that before.  I’ll get the hang of this blogging thing..eventually.)

So, sit tight, relax, and enjoy the ride… -Kim


Poetry: Wonder

O the days gone by
Brightly lit in the sky.
The wonder of a passing age.

O wonder of the night
Singing gaily in spite
Of a time spent in haste.

How I wish there was a place
That I could take my face
And see my sadness flee.
For here I stand
In this world, as planned;
And wonder what’s to be.

Originally written 3/5/1990

Poetry: Time Travel

Time has come and gone, gone to the skies, and the stars,
And to the earth’s of the universe.
With the sight it sees of playful tots, growing teens,
And adults full of holiday mirth.

It sees the things others do not.
It hears the cries of painful tears.
It knows and understands the trust,
That we wouldn’t hear.

Peace follows through the fabric of Time
After times of war, hate, and destructions.
It waits until all hope is lost,
Then pounds on our frustrations.

It helps us through the bad and the good,
And leave us with maturity,
But after all this time it travels,
Will it ever stay for eternity?


Originally written 12/18/1988




From a pin I found on my Pinterest page.  I thought it was really pretty and worked well with the poem.

Musings of a frazzled Kim

Hello all.

Thanks for those who have decided to follow me.  I appreciate it.  I’m going to do a post to update everyone so people know what is going on.



I will be adding more as I have time.  Creativity this week as been low but I plan on working on something.  Most of the time it happens when the Muse hits.  I have a lot of poetry I wrote when I was younger so I’m posting them about once a week.  More as I have time.



I work full time and I have not had a lot of time to review everything I read.  I’m going to work on those that I really like (5 stars) since everyone should read them if I really like them.  Assuming you like the genre, of course.  🙂

I will be posting reviews here along with the appropriate places depending upon where I get them from.  Have eReader, will travel.  Stay tuned!



I have a few more beta reading for authors that I will post info about with their permission.  It’s going to be fun!



I read…a lot.  And sometimes they spark things for poems and even writing my own stories.  With some encouragement from a couple of authors, I have a start on a novel and a short story for an anthology.  Here’s hoping that I can continue.  We’ll see.  I might even post a free read if I can get enough creative juices rolling.


Thanks for listening to my meanderings and I’ll keep you posted.  If you know of people who like poetry and new books, point them here! 🙂



Poetry: Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

Tiger, Tiger burning bright
Desolation stalks in the night.
Pain, grief, loss, and frustration
Keep watch this night of emotion.

Why must they dodge me now?
Why must it be this foul?
I want peace to reign.
But nothing will be the same.

Storms are a rising.
Some will leap past the blighting.
Others we know don’t know
And still there are those who won’t grow.

Come peaceful slumber
For I grow weary of this thunder
Bring me enlightenment I crave.
So I won’t be along any more, and afraid.

Originally written: 8/13/2003

Poetry: Soul Music

The sun above my sightless eye
Sings a tune of its own.
A wayward running beam of light
Is streaking through my soul.

Music plays a thousand notes
To find a final end.
But, the music-sun lets you float
To a never-ending friend.

In myself, Soul Music sears
A hot trail to my depths.
Listen for its chime to hear
If you stop to find it.

Originally written 8/29/1989