Poetry: Anger and Fear

In the style of Petrarchan sonnet
Anger and Fear

Hello my friend, who speaks unwittingly,
A telling, nervous look, a peaking glance
To no one in particular. Happenstance,
It seems that I must do it forcefully.
I seek the writing facing me, not free
To leave my friend: I am truly askance.
For it must be a merry little dance.
But finally, as now, I seek your need.

When I see my soul’s piercing, strident eye,
I see not the treachery of thy move
That brought my thoughtless flush of anger;
The brightness swallowing the spacious sky.
It’s coming down but slowly, like a dove,
By flashing not at you, but my Fear.

Originally written March 15, 1991

Poetry: Untitled 20040907

What do you say to someone
When they don’t want to hear?
What do you show to someone
When they don’t want to see?
What do you want from someone
When they don’t want to feel?
What do you give to someone
When they don’t want to be?

I would like to talk
And maybe they will listen.
Would like to show
And maybe they will gleen.
I would like to understand
And maybe there is less friction.
I would like to provide comfort
And maybe they will be at peace.

This world is full of fear
Of longing, mistrust, and lost dreams.
Don’t give up on your wants
For they are the reason for being.

Written 9/7/2004
Published on poetry.com 09/2012 http://poetry.com/poems/438140-Untitled