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  • Back from the dead.#Musing #Windows10 #Life

    I was in my blog page randomly as I have a pinned tab to it in Chrome. Realized that my last post was about my SSD drive a year ago… It actually failed another time and I switched brands to Corsair (I think), and it hasn’t failed since. Might be an incompatibility with PNY and […]

  • It’s Alive! #windows10 #SSD #hardwarefailures

    So, I got a new SSD drive from PNY back late October when the drive failed mid-October. Installed Windows 10 from a DVD I had created, and viola! I have an operating system back. Been slowly loading my applications back on it and it’s working A LOT better than when I had upgraded. Makes me […]

  • Saga of #Windows10 quirks part three #musings

    I got frustrated enough that I reset my Windows 10 machine. Took three tries but finally got there. It still hasn’t worked properly since the upgrade. Got a few programs reinstalled and it went back to the really slow boot and permissions issues. I’ve managed to figure out my permissions issues. Make sure your Administrator […]

  • More #Musings on Windows 10

    So. I took the plunge and upgraded my main computer to Windows 10 from Windows 7 the morning of 7/29/2015 – release day. I’ve done RCs (release candidates for the non-techy), Beta candidates, and previews for a variety of OS and applications. I think this is the first time, ever, in the history of working […]